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Welcome to Rootapa Digital technology

Rootapa Digital Technologies was established back in 2011 by three experienced IT program specialist and a discerning businessman, who together, have a common vision and ideas to revolutionize the information and technological advancement of Indonesia, and the world.

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Our Services

Web Development

want to build a great web or magnificent web application? It’s our satisfied to fill up your needs.we define success to be targeted visitor traffic coupled with successful delivery of your message or sale of your product or service.

Design UI/UX

What the important thing about design? Design is used to be a key to attracting people about our profound message. we would not get noticed if we had a horrible design. and that the example in waste of money

Desktop Development

Desktop applications are more focused to an independent application. the effectiveness, efficiency, time, and energy can be pressed to the maximum possible.We’ll never stop connecting and thriving networks for your business

Network Service

We are willing to implement effective network security to protect your resources With a proper technology plan in place. Our purpose here is to provide insight for the particular issues regarding network security

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